Monday, February 28, 2011


Pollyanna denim dress $89.95

Sara Phillips for Sportsgirl
Red Long sleeve $80.00

Vintage Print Jogger $69.95

Military Cropped Knit Cape $89.95

'stevie' super skinny high waisted jean
charcoal $99.95

hey hey!
so you may or may not know already that i work for sportsgirl. some of you may remember before i seemingly left the blog behind, i posted about the potential of recieving a casual position after being called in for an interview...or.. did i end up telling you i got the position?? whichever way, ive now been there for 6-7 months. AND, better yet i got promoted late october last year to become a part-timer! overjoyed at being a permanant team member, and dreaming of the doors that can open from my small step up i can honestly say i LOVE working.
so thats totally off track to this post..(i tend to drift off topic quite a bit actually, those that know me know i do this, its not really rambling, but more so having so many opnions and thoughts toward conversations and etc, that i get lost in the point of what i was speaking about.. i think it may be a dutch thing? yea.. im half dutch btw.)
ok.. so.. phew. sorry..last week we had one of our regular staff meetings at the store.only it had a really inviting twist to it! 60% off everything for permanant staff. (50% for casual) since im a permo fixture in the team.. 60% it was, and mildly crazy i went.
All the gorgeous pieces above will be perfect for my 8 Week overseas travel. (the pictures really dont do any justice for the garments themselves..) i cannot wait to show you how i'll be styling each piece.

overseas travel..8 weeks. just around the corner.. SO excited.

Keep following.i'll keep posting.


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