Sunday, March 6, 2011




Wednesday, March 2, 2011


im a shoe whore.
i dont care what anyone says about emelda marcos or whatever her name is, i dont care if anyone notices them on your feet or not, and i really dont care that theyve sat in the cupboard and are still yet to be worn..I absoloutly give in, hands down to shoes.
though, i must point out, im really mildly addicted compared to quite a few.
my newest editions, from work, sportsgirl, and quite a satisfactory purchase. ( well of course when i recieve 50% off, who wouldnt be satisfied with that??) 
firstly. waited and waited for weeks for these baby's to arrive..
The Pixie Festival Boot $149.95

cute, detailed, cut under the ankle & 100% leather. (perfect for europe)


The Shearling Buckle Boot $199.95

Shearling fur lining! um.. hello winter! And THANK YOU Burberry for introducing the common sheep to this years winter trends.
These amazing boots are an exact match of burberry's buckle boots that went down the runway in 2010.
ALL i can say is hellooo.. to stomping round in these stunners!

more exciting news to spill. but wayyy to tired.