Monday, February 28, 2011


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 [Grazia, Issue 128 ]


Pollyanna denim dress $89.95

Sara Phillips for Sportsgirl
Red Long sleeve $80.00

Vintage Print Jogger $69.95

Military Cropped Knit Cape $89.95

'stevie' super skinny high waisted jean
charcoal $99.95

hey hey!
so you may or may not know already that i work for sportsgirl. some of you may remember before i seemingly left the blog behind, i posted about the potential of recieving a casual position after being called in for an interview...or.. did i end up telling you i got the position?? whichever way, ive now been there for 6-7 months. AND, better yet i got promoted late october last year to become a part-timer! overjoyed at being a permanant team member, and dreaming of the doors that can open from my small step up i can honestly say i LOVE working.
so thats totally off track to this post..(i tend to drift off topic quite a bit actually, those that know me know i do this, its not really rambling, but more so having so many opnions and thoughts toward conversations and etc, that i get lost in the point of what i was speaking about.. i think it may be a dutch thing? yea.. im half dutch btw.)
ok.. so.. phew. sorry..last week we had one of our regular staff meetings at the store.only it had a really inviting twist to it! 60% off everything for permanant staff. (50% for casual) since im a permo fixture in the team.. 60% it was, and mildly crazy i went.
All the gorgeous pieces above will be perfect for my 8 Week overseas travel. (the pictures really dont do any justice for the garments themselves..) i cannot wait to show you how i'll be styling each piece.

overseas travel..8 weeks. just around the corner.. SO excited.

Keep following.i'll keep posting.


Monday, February 21, 2011


so, its been. like, too long. i dont really want to attempt to calculate the timeframe in which ive failed to post anything.
so how about we forget that, and welcome me back into theblog scene like ive been here all along? sound good?... i think so.

SO a 21st Birthday; a few shades darker in skin tone; a enjoyable and sentimental amount of new ink; a relatively more content perspective on my living arrangements; a time consuming workout regime to keep me sane (and slender-ish?); a promotion within my amazing job, and.. well.. one more teeny tiny detail. ; the gift of a Trip of a lifetime.

Im changing things up, showing things off, and talking about utter shit.. whatever im doing, im here, im in a good place,and im ready to continue blog.
are you ready to follow..?