Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the week that was JEALOUSY

bitchieness. jealousness, friends that only want something.
pathetic in my mind, thats for sure. were here for us, so why try to be like everyone else? why try to please everyone else? why the materialistic values? why cant we just go back to the 50's? (if only...)
this week proved to have some ugliness involved.something i hav been above and beyond since leaving the usual breeding ground of bitchyness called school.(4 years ago)
SO what happened is this..(prepare..this is long)
my 'so called friend' reared HER ugliness and jealousy in the form of a comment attached to an outfit photo i posted to my facebook. the photo looking down but standing,from the post below in the vintage bird blouse, silk pants and imitation zoe boots.
(i need to mention here, without sounding to harsh, ((keep in mind i am overly angry at this person at this current time))... so being, kind may be a little tricky, this girl is from a well off school, and lives in her own accomodation, but does not work, has never worked and seems to want nothing but what she cannot afford, i.e, designer this, good looks that,and everything under the sun thats out of a non employed persons price range.constantly sais she wants to be "skinny like you", and "pretty like her". she uses her mac majority all day long trawlling fashion sites/blogs/ebay etc, fuelling her materialistic addiction.)

previously when i purchased my YSL rings. (and i earnt them the right way, whilst also being unemployed and awaiting a callback from a position), this girl - 'friend', call her LANA, wall posted on the picture of my ring.

L-"how did you afford this? i thought you got fired? !!"
ME- IGNORED her rudeness

next time we spoke she drilled and drilled to find out when, where & how i gained my rings...to me, this wasnt an important factor of convosation and i ignored her as i felt attacked on just having the ysl ring in general by her, as if i had to run everything i was buying past her or something..

this week just passed, LANA commented on the outfit shot posted to facebook
L- "you need to wear skinnier pants with these shoes because they are so bulky! eeeeee.xx"
ME- "and you are, WHO exactly, to tell me how to wear an outfit based on MY own style and preference?"
L- (no reply)

i was in shock, to be honest, how can someone just rudely say something like that?
to me that comment does nothing but exude jealousy.
maybe she felt she was viable to inform me of my "wrong doing" in MY chosen outfit?
i do believe it is the inner green monster creating a quick comment to make herself feel better as she does not look like me? does not have style like me? jealous that i had new shoes and didnt tell her?
(there was a time when we talked everything fashion, about 3 months ago, but it got too materialistic for me so i started pulling away, it seemed money was all she cared about. or getting new things..)
the continuation of the fight went long after that, my sister showed her colorful vocab and true feelings toward Lana, and i got her back on the social networking news feed//show everyone on facebook so they stalk it// situation with some of my very opinionated & witty comments.

lets just say her response was very pittyful and made me wonder what she felt she might gain out of the situation in whole by commenting on my photo the way she did in the first place.
things got slightly personal, and her jealous (i believe) self deleted me from facebook. (HAHA no loss there), which to me proves she didnt like seeing my new outfit photos or things ive purchased; which i like to share with my friends by displaying them on my wall/profile.

tell me girlies, have you encountered  this sort of behavior from someone you thought was a friend?
is this acceptable these days in friendship?

would love to hear your feedback. sorry its such a book =) i did shorten it ALOT believe me.



  1. i myself haven't encountered this before, and i hope i don't either! although, all i can say is that 'Lana' is an insecure bitch and she needs to get a life :) i find it funny how she began with the rudeness and then deleted you! keep your head high sweetie, you are SO much better than her :) enjoy the rest of your week ♥

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