Tuesday, May 4, 2010


BONJOUR blogger, ive missed you!
weekend antics consisted of a really long awaited day festival. GROOVIN THE MOO in BENDIGO,VIC.
started off with an early morning strat of 5.40am, in the anticipation we would be making an early road trip to avoid bad traffic, taking off at 7.00am. 
but with boys being part of the journey, i should have known, this was not going to go to plan.
so our 7.00am leave, turned into a 10.00am leave. which, turns out didn't really matter anyway..
i drove my friend's boyfriends car for a 2.5 hr journey to our bendigo destination, all in complete safety.
the day was amazing, for what i remember of it. my friend and i both didn't have a camera to take, ( cry, i know) so there was the only option of our shitty phone cameras.
SO the festival was deffinatly vintage/indie/grunge fashion. it was amazing to see flocks of girls all  in my favourite style. some had the look down pat, others not so fine. which my gf and i spent the day also being total critiques on these that were not so fine.. just for laughs.
you cant really see properly in the above photos, 
but, my outfit consisted of:
vintage levi's studded down one side with large pyramid studs (made by me), bardot checked shirt, sportsgirl grunge over sized black zipup jacket,black tights and buckle biker boots, diva skull necklace and handmade cross necklace.

all in all the day went way too fast, and iv been recovering for the few days after, hence the no blogging.im pretty sure i gained a sickness and im not really feeling myself, hopefully ill feel more motivated soon.


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  1. i really wanted to go...
    sounds like you had an awesome time


    ps. i just came upon your blog and i love it