Sunday, April 18, 2010


week ending sunday 19th
working all weekend, until today my shift was cancelled. I was already in the centre so i thought to do a little shopping. which i know, totally takes away from the saving. and im saving. HARD. im on a mission to open a package with a turquoise YSL arty ring inside. i believe i can do it, amd when it happend, HAA. total almost orgasmic feeling?.. yeah.. the one when ur soo satisfied with something u cant wipe the smile off your face. 
so todays purchases shouldn't have happened, but i could not resist. it was essentials anyway.. ( ill keep telling myself )
  •  Jonathan Aston nude tights
  • Voodoo vintage pins stay up tights
  • gorgeous dusty pink floaty deep V neck dress from Bardot
  • new headband and ring from the bestest in AUS.. our treasured sportsgirl.
  • 1x Sml DBL SHOT Skinny Soy latte, 1/2 froth
  • 1x evian water 
  • Wrigglys Extra chewing gum in peppermint

    SO all i have on my mind at the moment is save save save, although ebay ebay ebay is SO ADDICTIVE (yes i did hav an urge to type that 3 times aswell.. HA).. my watching folder has so many things i want!! GAHHHH
ill finish off with rambles.. things i want to do in the near future shit im also wanting to get/do/see/go

cannot wait to go vintage shopping on tuesday.
+ sell my customised levi's shorts to a few girlfriends.
badly wanting new vintage oversized knits, long shirts and shoes
moschino belt. do come my way. free? your still out of my price range future purchase?
craving avocado with pepper
missing my twin sister emily...wish she lived with me so we could do outfit shots. im currently stuck with just the parentals, and i cant imagine what would happen if they saw the numerous poses and pouts that fashion photography/outfit shots bring to the picture
been online way too long. better go ring the boy.



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